I know exactly how you feel… because I’ve been there too.

It’s unsettling AF when the predictability, stability, and comfort of active treatment ends.

When that safety net goes away, there’s this heavy, uncomfortable feeling of “WTF do I do now?!

Determined to do everything you can to prevent recurrence, you spend hours researching online and posting in Facebook groups, but no amount of research gives you any clarity or lessens your anxiety.

All that online scrolling inevitably leads to being triggered by someone else’s post and it takes you down into a spiral, away from your family, and out of your normally positive mindset.

Trying to regain control, you haphazardly start trying all👏🏻the👏🏻things👏🏻

You’re drinking all the matcha and buying every superfood powder for your smoothie, but you have no idea if what you’re doing is actually working or if you’re missing something.

What’s worse, you’re so confused and overwhelmed with all the conflicting information that you stress about all your food choices and constantly wonder if you’re making a mistake.

You just want to live a normal life again without feeling stressed or guilty if you have some dessert or a glass of wine. 

You’re sick of constantly being reminded of what you went through when you catch a glimpse of your hair in the mirror - and it’s a constant struggle to remain positive and not let these constant daily reminders take you down.

Even though you hate this stressed, anxious, and fearful “new normal”, you get used to telling everyone you’re “fine” because everyone on instagram tells you that this is just how it is now, so you accept it as your truth too.  

But I can promise you… this does not have to be your new normal. 

Hey beautiful, I’m Lauren

I’m 33, I’ve been cancer free for 6 years, have been managing my prevention plan completely naturally for 5 years, and I live completely free from the fear of recurrence. 

Trust me, I still have challenges in my life just like anyone else. But because I follow the exact methodology I teach you in BCT, I got 99 problems but the fear of recurrence just isn’t one!

But it wasn’t always this way...

I founded Breast Cancer Thriver because I know exactly how it feels to: 

❌be scared and overwhelmed and living scan to scan
❌avoid your emotions and tell everyone you’re fine
✅be MOTIVATED AF to change your life 

...but have absolutely no idea how or where to start. 

I was taken aback by the complete lapse in care after treatment ended and I felt like I lost my safety net. 

I spent all my time scouring Dr. Google, attempting to decipher a million medical studies. I was scared and wanted to learn everything I could to prevent recurrence. 

I felt a visceral calling to learn more so I left a stable and comfortable career in finance to enrol in holistic nutrition school. 

After graduating, I worked with so many different functional medicine doctors, coaches and alternative health practitioners trying to piece together a reliable and practical system for prevention and thrivership that actually worked.

Even though I started to feel better, I was still really confused and felt unsupported between my visits.  

No one could give me what I wanted: a comprehensive, step by step plan that tied it all together.

After way too much time - and money - spent on coaches, healers, and buying every random supplement I read about, I created a system that works and truly helps you feel safe in your body, confident in your prevention plan, and in charge of your life.  

I received an incredible opportunity to lead the oncology nutrition program at a prominent naturopathic oncology clinic. While working there, I took each and every one of my clients through the system I created and that I was personally using for my own prevention and thrivership plan.  

When I saw the incredible transformations that this program was getting my clients in the clinic, I realized how much more impact I could make if I took my practice online and made this program accessible to women all around the world.

That is how Breast Cancer Thriver was born!

Imagine if...

✔︎Knowing what to eat was easy because you were no longer confused by all the conflicting information. Goodbye stress & decision fatigue! 

✔︎You had abundant energy because the fear of recurrence wasn’t lurking in the background and constantly draining you. Hello being fully present with your family! 

✔︎You stopped living scan to scan, waiting for the other shoe to drop, and actually felt confident living your life every single day. Hello FREEDOM!

✔︎You could scroll through breast cancer content online and offer support to your sisters and not be triggered by someone else’s post. Hello connection and peace of mind! 

✔︎You had a step-by-step, easy to implement plan to help you lower inflammation, detox your body, balance your hormones, and let go of emotional trauma to live fearlessly beyond this diagnosis

All of this is possible. I’m living proof, and so are my clients. 

This could be you... 

“BCT has completely transformed my life and I finally feel like I’m in the “right” place.

I always struggled to stay in a positive mental space and BCT helped me work on my mindset.

I no longer look in the mirror and see all the problems and I take action based on what’s important and feels best for me.
“Your program has done SO much for me! I went into this wanting the nutrition aspect but I didn’t realize how much I needed the emotional healing as well.

Cravings for sugar are gone! I made huge improvements in self love and self care and most importantly I’m out of the fear cycle!

It’s such a relief having a whole new mindset and a plan to follow!"
“All. The. Feels! Forever indebted to this program for giving me my life back! It’s been so wonderful living in the present moment and taking in all that life has to offer. I’m much more intentional now.”
"Without you and this program, I never would have done a deep introspection to heal emotionally. I have truly transformed. 

Beyond nutrition, I learned to show myself love in so many ways and really take care of my body and my emotions."
“Your program not only helped me with nutrition choices, but helped me go deep and understand the feelings I’m going through since my diagnosis. A year after the program I still feel the best I ever have!”
“BCT will forever be one of the most significant courses I have ever taken for my body, mind, and soul. 

I continue to use all the nutrition, detox, wellbeing and spiritual guidance from the program on a daily basis.

I feel like I am now absolutely thriving and living my best life!” 

This can be your story too. 

There’s way more to life after breast cancer than stressing over what to eat, and living with daily stress, fear, and anxiety. This DOES NOT have to be your new normal. 

Listen Gorgeous,

I know how exhausting it is to pretend to be fine everyday... only to have a meltdown in the days leading up to a scan. 

I also know how awful it feels to go at it alone... stressing, scouring the interwebs for answers, and never feeling like you’re doing enough. 

I also know how hard it is to ask for help. #beenthere 

But it truly doesn’t have to be this way.

I’ve devoted my entire practice to helping women just like you THRIVE after breast cancer.  

But here’s the thing:

Prevention and thrivership is not a quick fix.

This is why BCT encompasses so much more than just nutrition. To truly heal and feel confident in your prevention plan, you have to address all the pieces of the prevention puzzle: body, mind, spirit.

There is nothing else out there like Breast Cancer Thriver

When you join the program, you become part of an incredible and supportive community of women who↓

✔︎also took a stand for the highest version of themselves
✔︎refused to accept their new normal as normal
✔︎are just as determined as you are to change your circumstances
✔︎will grow with you and keep you accountable every step of the way 

By the end of our 12 weeks together you will:

✔︎Have all the tools you need to feel confident in your prevention plan and live beyond the fear of recurrence
✔︎Learn practical ways to lower inflammation, detox your body, and balance your hormones that easily fit into your everyday life
✔︎Let go of emotional trauma to get out of the fear cycle
✔︎Have all the tools you need to let go of stress and anxiety to stop living scan to scan and start fully living

BCT is for you if you’re… 

✔︎Finished active treatment
✔︎Done accepting your new normal as normal
✔︎Ready to let the past go and fully embrace your vibrant, healthy, abundant future
✔︎Not looking for a quick fix and are fully committed to healing on a physical and emotional level
✔︎Missing community and want to be around like-minded survivors who are just as committed to their growth as you are

BCT is not for you if you’re…

❌Looking for a quick fix
❌Not committed to long-term sustainable results
❌Not open minded to making holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes
❌Are looking for a support group. 

*This is a positive, supportive, and empowering container for women who want to grow through and transcend beyond the diagnosis. This is NOT a support group. Of course emotions come up throughout this process and we will all lovingly hold space for anyone who is going through something, but the energy of this group is specifically for women who want to change their circumstances and are committed to taking action to do so*

What you can expect 

Each week (for 8 weeks) you will receive access to a new training module teaching you everything you need to know to support your body and feel confident in that step of the plan. 

The course is broken down into digestible, practical, and actionable steps that build on each other week after week. Each module is complete with concrete action steps and weekly checklists for accountability and easy implementation. 

Each module also comes with a workbook, guided meditation, and additional support materials to remove the guesswork and make implementing the steps effortless.

There are 12 weekly group calls where you’ll receive personalized coaching to adapt any aspects of the material to your unique lifestyle and family situation. 

You’ll also be supported by your fellow Thrivers and co-coach inside our private members only facebook community.

There is no shortage of love and encouragement in the program and you will be supported every step of the way

You also receive lifetime access to the course and it’s support materials, as well as continued connection inside our private alumni only facebook group. 

What’s in the program?

STEP 1: Locking Down Your Nutrition.
Nutrition is the foundation. I teach you how to lower inflammation, boost your immune system, balance your hormones, and help your body detoxify through eating delicious food - without deprivation! I teach you what’s happening to your body on a cellular level when you eat certain foods so that you make informed, conscious, and empowered choices for how to support your body with nutrition. When you approach nutrition for prevention this way, it creates the foundation for sustainable change because it eliminates the fear, anxiety, stress, and guilt around food

STEP 2: Detoxing Your Body.
You will learn many areas of toxic exposure so you can take steps to reduce your risk. You’ll learn how to detoxify your body safely on a daily basis with practical tools that are super quick and easily fit into your daily routine. 

STEP 3: Understanding the mind/body connection.
Breast cancer is not just a physical disease. The mind and body are interconnected and your emotions need to be addressed because they create imbalances in your physical body. This is a NO FLUFF ZONE! You'll recieve science based, action oriented coaching to become acutely aware of your patterns so you can let go of the past and fully embrace an abundant future filled with vibrant health, peace, and ease.

STEP 4: Stress Reduction.
In this module, you'll learn how to let go of accumulated layers of stress and fear that make it feel like life after breast cancer is nothing but a cluster F*%k of negative emotions. You will come out of this module clear, focused, present, and know how to manage your stress on a proactive basis as well as have simple, practical, and effective stress-reduction tools that can be applied anywhere, anytime you need them. 
Oh, and because stress impacts sleep and leads to scanxiety, I made you a sleep guide and a scanxiety manual. I got you 💜 

STEP 5: Reconnecting With Your Body.
Breast cancer changes your body in many ways and this can really shake your confidence in yourself. There’s often underlying anger, resentment, and distrust toward your body and you need to feel safe in your body in order to heal and grow. You can’t heal if you’re in fight or flight mode, and you can’t get out of fight or flight if you are disconnected from your body. This module is essential - and dare I say my favorite one!

STEP 6: Embodying the Bad A*$ QUEEN that you are!
In this module you will cultivate deep, fearless, and unshakable self love. I teach you how to let go of everything that is holding you back so you can confidently embrace the rest of your incredible life as the highest version of yourself. It’s time to stop living scan to scan, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s time to start LIVING. This module is so much fun and it’s FREEING!  

STEP 7: Testing & Benchmarks.
This module details additional testing you may be interested in to monitor your body going forward down the road. This is module 7 because the first 6 modules are absolutely essential no matter what - and if you do opt for testing down the road, I want those steps factored into your baseline. These are tests that I use personally to monitor my body’s performance and make sure everything (like my hormones!) are behaving as intended.

STEP 8: Transcendence.
Breast cancer will always be a part of the fabric of your life, but it doesn’t have to carry any weight, any charge, or dictate your thoughts or actions. In this module, you will harness the power of everything you did throughout the course to grow through what you go through, and solidify the changes you made so that they become an effortless and habitual part of your life. Transcendence baby!

What do you receive when you join Breast Cancer Thriver?

Lifetime access to the 8 modules including any updates to the material:
  Value: $5,000
Included in BCT 

Healing and growth doesn’t stop once you leave BCT so I give you lifetime access to the course so that you can continue to implement more and more as your healing progresses. Plus, it’s always great to be able to refer back to the material if questions pop up down the road, even years after the course finishes. You will always be supported. That's my promise to you. 

Lifetime access to the workbooks, meditations, meal plans, and all additional support materials:
Value $3,500
Included in BCT

12 Weekly group coaching calls to receive personalized support to help you implement the material: 
 Value: $5,000 
Included in BCT 

12 weeks of support in our exclusive members only private facebook group: 
 Value: $4,000 
Included in BCT 

Lifetime support in our exclusive alumni only private facebook group: 
 Value: $2,500 
Included in BCT 

What’s the grand total of the value you receive when you join BCT?

What’s your actual investment for 3 months of high-touch support providing you with everything you need to go from survivor to thriver in a simple, easy to implement, step-by-step format?

$2,497 or 3 payments of $883 or 4 payments of $687.50

Before you do what you usually do and say no before you even entertain what saying "yes" to this course could actually do for your life... How about a money back guarantee?! 

I'm 1000% confident that if I offer you one of the coveted spots in the course I KNOW that it will transform your life and help you overcome fear of recurrence. So I put my money where my mouth is.

Listen gorgeous, I know how scary it is to invest in yourself, especially if it’s your first time. 

I know there are bills to pay, urgent things to take care of, never ending things to do for your kids, and more urgent things… 

But if you read this far, I also know you’ve been frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, and living in a fear cycle since active treatment ended and you don’t want this to be your new normal for any longer. 

...I also know your family doesn’t want you feeling this way either. 

And I can bet that if your partner wanted to take a course that would benefit him/her immensely and uplevel in every way you’d support that choice to do so without hesitation

Imagine how you could be feeling in December if you decided right now to take an active and proactive role in your prevention plan and had a proven system, simple structure, and 12 weeks of support and accountability to make that happen.

If you truly desire to let the fear of the past go so you can:
✔︎Get out of the fear cycle for good
✔︎Stop living scan to scan and start fully LIVING
✔︎Embrace the next chapter with confidence, peace, joy, and ease

And if you are committed to making your physical and emotional health a top priority and are ready to put YOU on your to-do list… BCT is for you.  

Change is hard. Investing in yourself is hard. 

But living with stress, anxiety, and fear of recurrence constantly in the back of your mind draining your energy… is also hard.

Which hard do you choose?

These women were just like you too. Scared, overwhelmed, but determined AF to change their circumstances. This could be your story. 

Still on the fence? How about a money back guarantee?!

This program gets results. Period. That’s why I have hundreds of testimonials and screen shots I can share with you. 

I am so confident that if you are a perfect fit for the program, your life will be profoundly changed for the better if you join. So I put my money where my mouth is and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

There are very clear requirements in order to qualify for this, but it’s set up in a way that if you do the work that is assigned and you’re not feeling like this was the best investment you ever made for you, I’ll give you your money back. Period.

I only want women in the program who are committed to changing their circumstances so they can be the best versions of themselves for them and their families. 

So if it’s not for you, I don’t want you in the program! I’m happy to remove you and give you a refund. 

I’ve never had to give a refund yet… and I’m confident I won’t ever have to. If you show up and do the work in the program, the program works for you. 

But know this: I only accept women into the program who I know it will work for. Not everyone who applies is accepted. 

To be accepted, you must be ready to show up fully, be open and receptive to change, and fiercely committed to creating a new normal where you get of survival mode and start thriving!

If you read this far and all of this sounds like you, click the apply button. What do you have to lose?

I get it, you have questions! And guess what… I’ve got answers! I want this decision to be an empowering one for you and I’m here to support you throughout the entire process.

How much access do I get to Lauren?

BCT is a 12 week high-level high-touch program where you’ll receive 12 weekly group coaching calls. On these calls you have an opportunity to ask your questions and receive personalized coaching to support your growth and transformation through this program. You will also have access to our private facebook group exclusive for current members of the program where myself and my co-coach (also a BCT alum!) are in the group with you celebrating your wins and successes and keeping your momentum high as you continue to journey through the program. 

How many women will be inside the group program?

I place a high value in creating a container where everyone in the program feels safe, heard, understood, and is able to grow and thrive. To maintain the integrity of this container, I cap the group at 30 students so that there is safety, connection, community, and of course growth and transformation. This maximum number ensures that I have the time and resources available to commit to the growth and transformation of every woman who joins BCT. This community and transformation process is like no other and the support, love, and encouragement inside this container is next level amazing.   

What’s the investment for the program?

How much would you invest to have a step-by-step plan that helped you grow through and transcend beyond the diagnosis so that you could let the past go, stop living in a fear cycle, be present with your family instead of stressed all the time, and had so much mental clarity because decision fatigue/anxiety over what to do was gone? 
BCT is $2,497 if paid in full or 3 payments of 883 or 4 payments of 687.50

How does the refund policy work?

In the coaching agreement that you sign when joining, there are very clear requirements to be eligible for the refund policy. 

You must watch all of the training videos released within the first 30 days, complete all of the required coursework, participate in the facebook group, and attend the coaching calls live or provide evidence of listening to the recording if you can’t make it live.

As you can see, all that’s required to qualify for the refund is to show up and do the coursework as intended. That’s it. 

*It is your responsibility to review the coaching agreement before signing and agree to all the terms, including the terms of the refund policy*

Just because I am obsessed with sharing my clients’ wins and I truly want you to believe that this is possible for you too, check out how these amazing thrivers felt in BCT!

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